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Our Story
Hershey & Jessica

Hershey & Jessica

It all started with Jessica (the Human of our story) who rescued Hershey (the more important furbaby in our story), when he was but a lost and lonely kitten.

Jessica loved Hershey. She also loved to travel and her job took her away to many vast and varied locations around the country, which meant that sometimes Hershey and Jessica had to be apart.

Now, despite his fiery lion-esque mane and convincing regal composure, Hershey was actually a very sensitive cat, and when it came to pats and cuddles, he was, shall we say, a little particular, and it took time for strangers to earn his trust. As Hershey got older, his arthritis and hypothyroidism meant he needed more specialised care.

The problem was that no matter how many cat boarding facilities, catteries and pet-sitting services they tried, Hershey would come home stressed, then Jessica would worry about going away again, and everyone would end up just a little bit down in the mouth.

What would Jessica and Hershey do?

Jess & Hershey | Furbaby Retreat luxury cat hotel
Enter Furbaby Retreat

Enter Furbaby Retreat

Furbaby Retreat luxury cat hotel

One rainy day after another stressful stay away, Jessica sat at the kitchen table with Hershey snuggled on her lap, (scratching him in just that right way), and they wondered what they’d do next. Suddenly they had the answer… They would open their own Luxury Cat Hotel. And so, with much excitement they started hashing out their big dream…

Hershey’s dream for the hotel was:

  • To be completely free of cages
  • To have customised service for each cat’s personality
  • To have hotel staff trained in animal enrichment and safety

Jessica’s dream for the hotel was:

  • To be as luxurious as a human hotel, just for cats
  • To be a contributor to local cat welfare and protection
  • To be part of the community, partnering with local animal experts and artists

And so the search for the perfect space and the perfect collaborators began…

Three Years Later

Three Years Later

After three years spent completing Certificate II in Animal Studies, volunteering at Cat Haven, Perth’s premiere cat welfare organisation and searching for just the right location and partners, Jessica finally signed the lease on 396-398 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth and had her team of collaborators ready to go – all seasoned professionals and all proud furbaby parents. The dream was finally a reality.
Fitzgerald Street | Furbaby Retreat luxury cat hotel
Enter Bell & Dutch

Enter Bell & Dutch

Bell & Dutch | Furbaby Retreat luxury cat hotel
In 2019, at the ripe old age of 17, Hershey passed the Furbaby Retreat torch onto its new custodians, Bell & Dutch. Also rescued cats, Bell & Dutch joined the Furbaby Retreat family with anxiety issues that needed time, patience and love to help them become the confident, happy and trusting cats they are today. It’s cats like Bell and Dutch, and the loving memory of Hershey, that inspire our team to make Furbaby Retreat not only a safe place to stay, but a home away from home that will enrich your furbaby’s mind and soul. That’s our promise, every single day.

What our guests are saying…

“My babies didn't want to leave. Usually in boarding they will run into the carrier to come home but I really had to fight my cats to get them to come home. They are happy and healthy and neither of them feel like they haven't been eating so they have trusted the food she was giving them (they usually refuse to eat). One of my cats has spent the day walking around our house trying to find his new friendly mum. I would definitely bring them back next time, this was worth every cent and I bet Binx and Sausage can't wait to come back." ~ Onyx & Binx

Onyx & Binx
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Ready to book?

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